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A Complete Beginner Guide For AWS Skill Builder

In today’s growing technology world, the everyday new technology keeps coming and upgrading the old methods. One such technology is called cloud computing, which is a highly demanding technical skill around the world.

Most tech companies slowly adapt this technology to their work. So that the data security and efficiency of the company increase, as well as data loading speed, increases too.

In cloud computing, all the data & information are stored in the cloud system or virtually, which you can access anywhere in the world. Mostly used by companies that have a large databases.

In this article, I have given you all the information related to AWS skill builder as well as which certifications are there in it. Stay tuned till the end of this article so that you can understand everything about AWS technology.

Ready? Let’s go…

What Exactly AWS Skill Builder Is?

AWS is a cloud-based learning platform. More than 700 different types of cloud computing skills training lessons are available on the platform of AWS Skill Builder.

In this, AWS service, cloud computing, data analytics, and many more things are taught. This platform was started by Amazon company in the year 2006. 

In this platform, all types of courses like System Operator, Data Analyst, DevOps, Solution Architect, etc. are available from where you can learn or improve any new skill.

The best part of this is that after completing the lesions, you also get Aws certification. Which is proof that you have knowledge of that skill.

Although, till now the training lesson is free in AWS Skill Builder, in August this year, the company came out with a subscription model in which premium labs content was added so that you can see the free training lessons as well as its subscriptions plan.

By taking you can access premium content present in premium labs. 

If we talk about its price, then Monthly subscriptions have been kept at $29 and Annually at $299. To access and learn training lessons, you must first create an account in AWS. 

The training lessons in the AWS platform are available in a total of 12 languages.

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Korean, and so on.

But, AWS cloud quest is only in the English language. 

Why should I learn these skills? 

In the era of this new technology, the demand for technical skills like cloud computing is going to increase significantly in the coming few years.

In view of this, if it is called future technical skills, then it will not be wrong. Therefore, learning AWS skills can prove to be very beneficial for you.

AWS (Amazon Web Service) is the largest company in the market of cloud computing.

How long will it take to learn this? 

As I told you earlier that there are many training lessons to be seen in AWS skill builder, seeing that the question is common how long will it take to learn AWS skills? 

You will understand the AWS core services in a few days and it may take a few weeks to learn the things learned by applying them practically.

What technical skills are needed to learn this? 

This is the biggest question that is often in the mind of people do I need any IT certificates or technical skills to learn AWS? 

The answer is NO.

Any person who does not have a technical degree can also learn.

Should Coding Knowledge be Necessary? 

The answer is both Yes and No.

Coding is not necessary for the basic AWS lessons, but as you move towards advanced lessons, you need to know to code otherwise it’s very difficult to learn. 

AWS is considered to be the most in-demand technical skill which is going to increase more in the coming years.

In many cloud-based companies when you start learning about AWS, you get some tasks to complete in which you do not have to do coding, such as developing the S3 bucket by copy-paste from HTML files, you can easily launch your website as well.

You can launch wordpress AMI without coding. But some projects that work in advanced lessons require coding.

Without knowing the coding those tasks are incomplete. In beginning, it’s okay if you don’t know how to code, but after crossing beginner lessons you need this so much. Without coding, it’s hard to learn from those lessons.

What is AWS Certification?

AWS certification certifies that you have an understanding of technical skills as well as cloud computing and AWS skills. Along with this, when you go in search of a job, then during that time if you put these skills in your resume, then your value increases significantly, and your chances of getting the job increase manifold. 

Only 3 years validity of this certificate. If you want to maintain the certification status, then from time to time you will have to take an exam of your skills, which is called recertification. All their exams are done online.

AWS certification is considered to be the most in-demand technical skill which is going to increase more in the coming years. Many cloud-based companies are looking for people who know these skills. 

How Many Are AWS Certifications? 

AWS Amazon Web Services has 11 different training lessons and courses which are divided into 4 levels.

  • Foundational
  • Associate
  • Professional
  • Specialty

We have seen all 4 levels, now we know how many and which are certificates in these four levels.

AWS Foundational-Level Certifications

  • AWS Cloud Practitioner

AWS Associate-Level Certifications

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • AWS Certified Developer 
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator

AWS Professional–Level Certifications

AWS Certified Solutions Architect 

  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

AWS Specialty Certifications

  • AWS Certified Advanced Networking 
  • AWS Certified Data Analytics 
  • AWS Certified Security 
  • AWS Certified Machine Learning 
  • AWS Certified Database 

Which Certifications are the easiest? 

It has a simple AWS-certified cloud practitioners (CCP) training lesson which is an introductory course for all newbies. 

If you do not already have knowledge of cloud computing, then you can start with this training lesson. In this, all the basic concepts associated with AWS are taught, which can be learned even without technical experience, which is a very good thing. 

Which is the Perfect Certification for You?  

I told you about all the certifications. Now the biggest question will come to your mind which of these certifications do I have to do? See, it totally depends on your career.

How far do you want to go in your career and which certification has been demanded in the job you want to take so that it will be easy for you which certification will be right for you and which is not?

However, if you want to know the basic information about cloud computing and AWS, then AWS cloud practitioner certification will be right for you. 

Does it have all the basic concepts like how AWS works? What is cloud migration? etc. is mentioned. This is an initial training lesson from where people start learning about AWS and cloud computing skills. 

But if you want to go ahead with this and are thinking of making a career then AWS-certified solution Architect (Associate Certification) and CSA is absolutely right. Even after this, you will get advanced-level information in other courses. 


Hope you have liked the information about the AWS skill builder I have told you about. In this, I have given complete information about AWS certifications and together with answers to all those questions which often keep roaming in your mind. 

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